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Everyone must have access to an equal standard of care, regardless of their income. Owethu focuses on providing access to a broad range of Primary Healthcare Services to communities most in need. In partnership with the public and private sector, resources are gathered to build, deploy and operate these units. Patients are referred to these facilities from the Sha’p Left Nurse Surgeries which operate deeper in our communities.

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World AIDS Day 2016

Although 7 million people in South Africa currently live with HIV/ AIDS, according to the UNAIDS Gap report for 2016 only 48% have access to antiretroviral treatment (ARV). This means 52% of [...]

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South Africans have no health insurance
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of patients wait 2+ hours for medical attention
Owethu clinics
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Owethu patients treated

What we’d like to
achieve before 2030

  • Ensure that primary health care teams are established throughout the country with the required number of healthcare practitioners.
  • Rationalise clinical processes and systematise the use of data, incorporating community health, prevention and environmental concerns.
  • Introducing a patient record system and supporting information technology systems.

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