#ImpactMoments: Shap’Left Ikamva Labantu Launch

On the 9th March Ikamva Labantu in partnership with the Cipla Foundation launched to the media their brand new Shap’Left Nursing Surgery in Khayelitsha at the Enkululekweni Wellness Centre in H Section.

The unit will be owned by Ikamva Labantu providing a sustainable source of income for the NGO while serving the Khayelitsha community with affordable, quality primary healthcare services. The surgery has been designed and patented by the Cipla Foundation South Africa.

The Challenge Facing South Africa

Currently over 80% of South Africans have no medical aid, and have no choice but to seek treatment at the government hospitals and clinics.

Hospitals in urban townships are suffering due to the increase patient loads and are battling to cope with the demand. The two contributing factors are the massive increase in the AIDS epidemic and rapid urbanisation, where a large number of people are now living in unhealthy conditions in informal settlements.

Due to the lack of doctors, specialists and skilled nurses who are the backbone of South Africa’s health system, many sick and injured people are not getting the health care they need. It is estimated that one-third of the health care posts are currently vacant and with some institutions are operating with less than half the staff they require.

Shap’Left Nursing Surgery facts and figures

The Shap’Left Nursing Surgery initiative is fully supported by the Western Cape Department of Health and the unit includes a nurse’s surgery, reception area and a medicine shop.

A full-time Clinical Nurse Practitioner will provide primary healthcare services and dispense medication. A receptionist will manage the facility. Services at the surgery will include family planning, women’s health, HIV tests, wound care, check-ups and more.

The surgery will be open to the public.

Costs of services will range from R20 – R200, inclusive of prescription medication. The facility will alleviate the pressure that clinics and day hospitals in the surrounding area experience. Patients may make appointments, thus shortening the time that they would normally spend waiting at a clinic.

A match made in heaven

We are very proud to partner with such a credible organisation as Ikamva Labantu who have over the past 50 years become one of South Africa’s largest non-governmental organisations.

They are committed to creating sustainable socio-economic change in Cape Town’s townships and continue to have a huge impact by reaching over 20,000 people every day.

Their focus has been to work with these communities through three main programmes: Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Enrichment and their Seniors’ Programme to empower individuals to help themselves through their training, support and resources.

Did You Know?

The work of Ikamva Labantu in Khayelitsha is unparalleled and they have created a huge impact with:

  • 900 seniors attending 19 senior clubs daily
  • 1000 frail seniors cared for at home by field workers
  • Helped 341 community preschools navigate the registration process
  • 151 children received medical examinations through UCT SHAWCO
  • 140 principals and practitioners enroll in ECD training every year
  • 1321 children at community preschools received deworming treatment
  • 74 children cared for at our Kwakhanya Educare Centre
  • 30 ECD cooks provided with training on nutrition
  • 1228 seniors were monitored for Blood pressure and Blood glucose
  • 880 seniors receive their chronic medication on-site
  • 880 seniors had eye screenings and 126 received spectacles
  • 212 seniors received dental visits
  • 7 seniors had successful cataract reversal surgery at no personal cost

Ikamva Labantu is the perfect #AdvancingChange partner and we look forward to working with them to bring about change in our communities.

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Watch the launch below.



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