DAVID GRIER: Thailand Ultra – “Power of 10” challenge


Well done David Grier and Andy Stuart!!

After running over 1000 kilometres in 20 days from Bangkok to Cave Lodge and then, just to make their lives a little tougher, still running the 100 kilometre Thailand Ultra marathon only two days later, David and Andy managed to do the impossible, this November.

Andy finished 4th and David finished 7th out of a field of 80 competitors which is an incredible feat, even more impressive when you consider they’d just run across Thailand.

The Thailand Ultra – “Power of 10” Challenge has been described by David as one of his toughest adventures yet.

“Out here they call it the beast – 100 km of unrelenting jungle covered hills, mud roads, ravines and the best humidity that Thailand can offer all baked into a monster by the unrelenting sun.”

David and Andy have been through it all over the past month reaching their incredible goals but not without enduring some extremes too; from near misses with trucks, standing on snakes, swimming with giant lizards and battling the heat of the Thai jungle they stuck to their guns in this remarkable feat.

“To me the biggest weight that I am going to carry on this last leg and toughest part of the challenge is to fulfill on a promise that we made on taking up this challenge – to a child out there, that I might not know or never know; through this journey may we bring a Smile into your life…”

The Thailand Ultra – “Power of 10” Challenge marked 10 years of adventuring by David Grier for the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative.

Mile for Smiles has been instrumental in ensuring that over 2000 children to date have received surgery for cleft lip and palates and David Grier has undertaken many challenges to raise funds for these Operation Smile South Africa missions.

“It is all about making a difference in the lives of children born with clefts through the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative, raising funds and awareness for Operation Smile SA who facilitate surgery on children born with clefts”

So far David’s Power of 10 adventure in Thailand has raised just over R 20,000 for Operation Smile and stills needs all the support it can get so please don’t be shy to donate to this life changing cause.

If you would like to follow the entire story please visit David’s website for more:

To make a donation visit or SMS SMILES to 39051 to donate R25 (T&Cs apply – SA Only)

Watch this video documenting David and Andy’s Power of 10 Challenge.


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