The Goal

Thailand Ultra and the Power of 10.

To run the 100 km Thailand Ultra Marathon, or better known as the “BEAST”, is a tough challenge, even more so after Red Bull named it the 5th hardest Ultra Marathon in Asia. Yet we’ve added a twist to this challenge and decided to get running straight off the tarmac, after landing in Bangkok, to the starting point. Little did we know that it was 1 000km away, in addition to the already beastly race we were about to face, we had just turned this Ultra marathon into a Mega one.

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The Details


David Grier is an inspirational speaker, chef and seasoned extreme adventurer from Cape Town, South Africa. His message is of hope and ‘making a difference’ in peoples lives through change, positivity, the right attitude, recognizing opportunity and never giving up.


It’s all about making a difference in the lives of children born with clefts through the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative, raising funds and awareness for Operation Smile SA who facilitates surgery on Children born with Clefts. As a lot of you may have read about the Nelspruit surgical mission in my previous post, giving you a real on the ground account of the heart wrenching reality what this means to a mother and child. The event will also be marking 10 years of adventuring.


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