SUP 35 Challenge

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) for 35 Kilometers and a final total goal of 35 Miles in a month



The Goal

As Cameron is 13 years old and still at School we are semi restricted. He will paddle at every opportunity, whether at sea, on rivers, canals, lagoons etc. and monitor the time spent and distance paddled via Garmin downloads.

He is blessed with sponsorships from many team players in the industry and his ultimate goal is to represent SA at Olympic level given that the sport should, along with Surfing (already) achieve Olympic status.

The Details


Cameron Tripney aged 13 years is ranked in the top 3 Juniors in South Africa, competing and holding his own in the U18 Category against young men almost twice his size and weight. He has won individual Grom events, U12 as well as U18 at National level and is earmarked to paddle for South Africa hopefully in the next three years given his current development profile.


The aim of this mini event is to try and raise R 35,000 in 35 day to celebrate Operations Smiles 35th year of facilitating surgery on children born with clefts. This is to be part of a bigger Operation Smile campaign which aims to raise enough funds to put 35 children through surgery.


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