The First 1 000 Days of a child’s life – the time during which their ability to learn, grow and thrive – can be profoundly affected by the quality of the care, nutrition and education they receive. Ajuga addresses this need.

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Poor school performance and a diminished capacity to learn would not only affect a child’s own future, but also have an economic effect on the nation as a whole, because of poor productivity and later healthcare costs. Our Ajuga initiative aims to assist and educate our communities to help ensure that the first 1000 days of a child’s life are catered with the necessary solid building blocks for the future, enabling these children to learn well, and become valuable members of our communities.

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All children should enjoy services and benefits aimed at facilitating access to nutrition, healthcare, education, social care and safety. Play and stimulation during these 1000 Days is essential for their cognitive learning within a protected and safe environment.

Children who get a “Healthy Start to Life” in the 1st 1000 days and beyond are:

  • 10 times more likely to overcome life threatening childhood diseases
  • More likely to complete nearly five more grades in school
  • More likely to go on to earn 21% more in wages as adults
  • More likely to have healthier families of their own

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