#AdvancingChangeHeroes: Women’s Day

What is Women’s Day?

National Women’s Day, celebrated annually on 9 August, commemorates the 1956 march of approximately 20 000 women to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to petition against the country’s pass laws.

The Cipla Foundation has been blessed with many #AdvancingChangeHeroes who have been integral in helping to challenge the status quo in the education and health sectors.

What is an #AdvancingChangeHero?

These are people the Cipla Foundation regularly works with, who put the wellbeing of their community above themselves and have dedicated their lives to helping others. We work with these heroes daily via our various corporate social responsibility initiatives.

In many instances, women are at the forefront of Cipla initiatives. They are the backbone in terms of making a meaningful impact in many communities around South Africa.

Meet Tamlin Abrahams

Tamlin Abrahams joined Operation Smile as a student volunteer 10 years ago, and has been part of the Operation Smile South Africa (OSSA) family almost from day one.

She has worked across the entire spectrum at OSSA so she’s been involved in almost every part of the organization.

Currently, Tamlin serves as the regional director for Southern, Central and West Africa and continues to inspire and lead the team with her never-say-no attitude.

 “Joining Operation Smile on one of the medical missions changed my life in ways I had never imagined possible. Standing in a room full of strangers, medical volunteers from around the world and hundreds of families waiting for the smallest chance at this life-changing surgery, the true essence of unconditional love came alive.

“I was a young student then, barely 20 years old, now a mother of three of my own children, I continue to stand in awe of the families we serve, their never ending belief and hope to create a brighter future for their children.

“Every day we take on the challenges of helping some of the remote communities around the world, and the driving force remains a simple question ‘what if this was your child?’,” says Tamlin.

Meet Mama Martha

Martha Makhura is a strong, well-respected figurehead in her community, called Europe in Gugulethu.

She began working with children as a volunteer in 1986 and then started her pre-school because she saw the need of the children in the squatter camp. She is a loving, nurturing person and a mother to her community.

“In our preschool we look after 160 children from 18 months to six years of age. We have seven carers, one cook, one cleaner and one caretaker.

“I’m known as the grandmother to the learners in our preschool and a mother to the carers. I love and treat them equally. As we work Monday to Friday, I miss them over the weekend. I’m grateful to have them. I wish my creator can give me more love and courage to help and develop more people in our area,” said Martha.

Meet Miriam Dlamini

Miriam is the principal at Hiayisane Early Childhood Development Centre in Bhuga, Kabokweni, Mbombela.

In Kabokweni there are currently about 40 000 people with a 95% unemployment rate and above-the-national-average incidents teen pregnancies and HIV.

Miriam and her teachers look after 137 children whose parents are teenagers and don’t have any formal employment or no work at all. Miriam has an intense love for children and it makes her happy to be able to help the children in Bhuga.

“Women’s day to me is a chance to refocus and remember that women were created to be helpers in the specific positions wherever they are.

“To be a strong woman means to remain connected to the original position, drawing wisdom and instruction from the creator, and having the ability to persist,” says Miriam.

We want to thank all of women  we work with for all of their efforts and for helping so many people. Happy Women’s Day to all our #AdvancingChangeHeroes.

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