#AdvancingChangeHeroes: Dr Bradley Kuhn

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

In our fourth installment of our #AdvancingChangeHeroes we feature a man, Dr Bradley Kuhn who has been working in the Klipheuwel community since 2011.

The Klipheuwel snapshot – An informal community of about 2,300 people situated 15 kilometers outside of Cape Town. A cramped desolate sprawling landscape of cobbled together structures, leaking roofs, cold dirt floors, sometimes only covered by an old carpet or piece of plastic. Access to sanitation and services is very basic, consisting of concrete chemical type toilets and a few communal taps provide the only water, but often running dry. Schooling is a constant battle with no ECD facilities; this leaves children no option but to roam the streets all day. Families share a shack with 6 or more people living in only one or two rooms. Access to medical care is another real issue. For a mom and child just to travel to a clinic, it costs nearly R 50. Often they get to the clinic and there is already a long queue and they wait until 4 pm often returning home without being helped

Add all of this with a lack of work and high cost of living, a train service that only runs twice a day paints a very desperate picture.

It is in situations like this the goodness of humanity shines through.

 Meet Dr Bradley Kuhn

Bradley, was introduced to this community some years back. He started training some of the younger boys and girls in Kick boxing/wrestling/Jiu Jitsu and as a result got to know and love the community of Klipheuwel. It was during this time that he first witnessed the extreme circumstances that they lived in.

Bradley’s heart opened to this community, basically adopting it and is committed to delivering meaningful change into this community. He began with building dwellings for families, providing food, clothing, mattresses, medical care and tutoring.. Bradley and his volunteers run a gym ,a soup kitchen 3 times a week, Bible studies and mentoring programs, hosting church services on Sundays and have put in several computers which the kids can use in the evenings.

In Bradley’s words, “What really hurts, the kids get used to failing! It is hard to watch. In addition, the school that is most accessible is full and kids moving to the area, or who drop out and want to return, are refused places. They are unable to afford transport to other schools and so they just don’t go!”

Dr Kuhn is a true hero and the Cipla Foundation has the pleasure to be partnering with him from the continue to work with him in the coming months as we will be assisting in delivering meaningful change into Klipheuwel.

We can no longer stand by watching as children fail.

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